Culture comparison

When visiting a new country the first thing that rises in your mind is comparing it to your previous experiences in other countries or to your country itself. That what happened to me personally when my legs stepped the UK. As I come originally from Egypt, and lived in Japan for 5 years I had to compare the 3 countries side by side. I will refrain from criticizing too much, but rather transfer a brief thought for each.

Egypt; my homeland is one of the most beautiful countries on Earth, with a nice clear weather allover the year. Illiteracy, poverty, and health are really challenges. People need much effort to return back on the track.

Japan is a mind-peaceful place where you can see PERFECTION everywhere, but difficult for long-term living without excellent Japanese language abilities. Indeed an island!!

UK, based on only a short stay, a historical multicultural environment and perhaps a nice place to live, but the dreary weather is an issue.


The river Nile at Aswan, Egypt

Rice fields in Shirakawago, Japan


A street view near Victoria station, London, UK


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